Harry Wakefield, 16, plays badminton for england.

1. What motivates you to move more?

Moving more helps keep my weight down, works my muscles so they support me when I need them. I know our bodies were designed to move and hunt for food, but with today’s technology making life easier than it used to be, it’s important to keep moving every day. So I move more and think of this.

2. How does it make you feel when you are physically active?

When I’m physically active, it improves my mood and makes me feel good about what I have just done and prepares me better for the next stage of my life.

3. What is your favourite way to be active?

I love to play badminton, run and cycle and I use strength and conditioning training to help me prepare my body for the demands of these sports.

4. What do you feel the benefits of being physically active are to you? 

Keeping fit by exercising helps my circulation and my body function better. I burn more calories so can enjoy my food without worrying I’m over eating. Keeping active keeps my resting heart rate low and should help me live longer. Being active is good for my mind, I set goals and targets and feel good when I achieve them. When I play Badminton I enjoy the social side and have many friends across the country from playing the sport. When I compete I mentally cut off everything thing and try to zone- in on my game.

During that time all my worries and stresses just fade away.

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