Participants from the NHS health Pathways Strength and balance and Breathe Better sessions with Abbeycroft staff plus Warren Smyth, CEO and Cllr Cliff Waterman central.

Health and Wellbeing

We work closely with our NHS colleagues and a range of stakeholders, creating a web of partners who play a significant part in our work, strengthening our role as an ‘Anchor Institution’.

Below are just two examples of our Health and Wellbeing programmes.

And hear from some participants on the video below.

Active Living – NHS Health Pathways

Active Living is a unique, award-winning Exercise Referral scheme designed to support people to increase their physical activity levels and improve their health. This initiative is a partnership between Abbeycroft, West Suffolk Council, West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust and Allied Health Professionals.

Pathways include orthopaedics exercise on referral; frailty strength and balance; respiratory breath better and Macmillan Male Cancer Support. Working with West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, the aim is to embed physical activity from acute and medicalised intervention to a sustainable level of physical activity where patients, supported, remain active once they no longer need to remain under the care of the NHS.

Experience instructors support patients through a programme of activity lasting either 12 weeks or 24 weeks, depending on their referral route, with follow-on options available for everyone.

17,000 attendances

61% wellbeing improvement

66% remain active after 12 weeks

This programme has changed my life. It’s improved my confidence enormously – I now drive again and I’ve made a close network of friends and we support each other.

I even went on holiday on my own which, at my age, I was very proud of.


Health Pathways participant

There are so many things I can do now that I couldn’t do before and I don’t feel as though I’m going to fall any more, so my confidence has improved as well as my mobility.

Abbeycroft staff are amazing and the whole group feel the same about them, plus we’ve formed a lovely friendship and meet outside of the sessions which is a bonus.



Health Pathways participant

Good Boost

Good Boost is a water-based rehabilitation programme designed to be fun and beneficial for people with a range of musculoskeletal conditions.

Participants are provided with their own Good Boost tablet with artificial intelligence to give them a personalised aqua workout specifically designed to help with their MSK condition and improve mobility, balance and fitness.

They are encourgaged to take part in our Good Boost Aqua Classes at their own pace with an instructor on-hand to support.

Good Boost group at Newmarket

L-R: Darren (Newmarket Centre Manager), Celia (Abbeycroft/Feel Good Suffolk Advisor), Lifeguard and participants of the Good Boost session at Newmarket.