Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a life skill

  • Every child in our Swim Academy is taught in a safe, supported environment to gain the confidence to learn the skills they need.
  • Lessons run for 50 weeks of the year with a 2-week Christmas break.
  • Lessons are weekly with 25 minutes of active teaching and a 5-minute administration & change over time.
  • Your child’s progress is monitored and regularly assessed throughout the year to ensure they reach their potential.
  • Once your account is created – the home portal lets you view your progress anytime.


Payable monthly by Direct Debit £31 per month.
We also have a Family Membership which includes swimming lessons read more here.
One-to-one and two-to-one lessons are available on request.

For more information, download our Water Safety Awareness Ebook!


Swimming Crash Courses this summer

Our holiday crash courses will help your child make rapid progress due to the intense nature of a crash course.

Find out more >>

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How to book

New members

If you know the stage your child needs to book onto – you can book here New members join and book

If you are unsure of which stage – use our easy guide below to help you decide and follow the links to book.

Existing members

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Descriptions of our lesson stages

Adult and Child

3-18 months

An introduction to the world of swimming building confidence and enjoyment in the water. Under 18 months require an accompanying adult.

Includes: Safe entries/exits/rolling/kicking/floating

Adult and Child

18 months-3 years

This class reinforces the practices learned in the 3-18 months classes learning to swim with aids but without adult support. Adults are required in the pool.


3-4 years

Class scenario structure learning front paddle and back paddle with/without aids floating, blowing bubbles, faces in the water.

Please note that at Kingfisher and Hadleigh, parents will need to accompany their children in the water.

Stage 1

4+ years

A class suitable for non-swimmers with little water experience. Pupils will develop water safety awareness, and water confidence, working with aids to develop kicking skills, blowing bubbles, with encouragement to put faces into the water.

Stage 2

Suitable for children who have passed Stage 1. The student is required to be water confident, happy to put face in the water and attempt to swim. Pupils will continue to develop so they can; swim on their front & back for 5 metres, jump in unaided, float unaided, and rotate and regain upright positions.

Stage 3

For children who have passed Stage 2.

Pupils must be able to swim 10 metres front and back. This class will introduce simultaneous kicking, push/glides, and water safety knowledge submersion.

Stage 4

For children who have passed Stage 3.

Pupils will develop an understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills, refining kicking for all four strokes. They will be taught to kick 10 metres to a given standard as per Swim England, and introduced to sculling skills.

Stage 5

For children who have passed Stage 4.

Pupils will be taught to swim 10 metres of all four strokes to the standard directed by Swim England, improve sculling skills, treading water, rotations, and handstands.

Stage 6

For children who have passed Stage 5.

Pupils will refine the four strokes with correct breathing, how to prepare for exercise and aquatic safety, introducing surface dives and swim with clothes on.

Stage 7

For children who have passed Stage 6.

This is the final stage before pupils can choose the next swim developmental journey. Must have competency in all four strokes for 25 metres. A 100-metre swim with 3 different strokes will be expected, with a focus on increasing stamina.

Stage 8,9 &10

For children who have passed stage 7. Competitive swimming, diving, water polo & rookies are introduced, giving the swimmer a broader understanding of aquatics. At Newmarket, disciplines are treated as separate classes – At Bury, Haverhill & Mildenhall, disciplines are taught together.

Adult Improvers

For the more able swimmer.

Aimed at improving stroke techniques, building stamina and introducing dives and turns.

Adult Beginners

For non swimmers/beginners.

Aimed at improving water confidence and introducing basic stroke techniques.

SEN Swim programme

A specialised 1-2-1 swim programme at Kingfisher Leisure Centre aiming to help children with learning difficulties or disabilities who need extra support. Each child accepted into SEN Swim is eligible for 12 weeks with subsequent 1-2-1 lessons available.

12-week programme = 3 x £31 via direct debit.
Subsequent 1-2-1 lessons at £25.00 per lesson.

Babies first swim course

Up to 18 months

A FREE 4-week course to introduce them to water in a small group. Also provides adults with more confidence in supporting children in the water. The children will be learning the basic skills including how to move in water, float, streamlining, and how get in and out of the pool safely.

Bury Leisure Centre: Mondays 11:00 & Wednesdays 14:00 & Thursdays 13:00

Newmarket Leisure Centre: Mondays 13:30 & Thursdays 13:00

Mildenhall Hub: Wednesdays 11:30& Thursdays 11:30

To book call T. 01284 757473 or email contactus@acleisure.com.


Our brand new family membership for existing Swim Academy members has everything you could ever need in a membership, including your child’s swimming lesson membership for only £99 per month (saving of up to £122.70)

The family membership is available for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 Juniors) or (1 adult and 3 Juniors).

Additional juniors can be added on at £31 per month subject to availability.

Family Swim


To cancel your membership, please follow the link below, providing one month’s notice.

We also suggest that you cancel your Direct Debit with your bank.

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