As promised in my previous post, I would like to update you on what and how we are preparing the centres for re-opening.

You will probably have heard, that gyms and leisure centres are in ‘Phase 3’ of the government’s roadmap for reopening, and this is still likely to be July.

It’s also highly likely that we will phase the reopening of our facilities and we will provide further information on this, as the dates are confirmed.

You will be pleased to know that we are working hard on ensuring that when the announcement comes we will be ready.


Whilst there are lots of unknowns, the one thing we all know is that the world will be a very different place and your local leisure centre will have to work in a slightly different way.

Whilst we are keen for everyone to return, we are also fully committed to open in a way that is safe and effective for both our customers and staff so that everyone can enjoy the facilities available.

This will mean that some of our facilities will be reconfigured, our staff will be trained in a different set of standards and protocols and there will need to be some behavioural change when using our facilities and services including social distancing.

Some of the specifics we are currently examining include looking at moving exercise classes outside (in the summer months), reconfiguring our gyms or moving equipment into different spaces as well advance booking arrangements for the activities we provide. We are fortunate to have a wide and diverse range of facilities to support a different approach and where possible we will also continue some free online classes, particularly for those that are more vulnerable. You may also be aware that our industry has been developing specific guidelines and we will be following these to ensure that our services are COVID Secure.

Please see a useful UK Active Q&A sheet addressing lots of question about gyms re-opening.

The one thing that I think that we have all learnt over this period is that our health is of paramount of importance and the role that physical activity can play in improving both physical and mental health is now fully understood.

We are doing everything we can to encourage you to stay active and we are looking forward to welcoming you back in a safe and responsible manner. I hope to have more information for you soon.

Thank you for all of your support and understanding during what has been an extremely difficult period and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Stay safe and stay well.



Warren Smyth
Chief Executive
Abbeycroft Leisure